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The accuracy of process analyzers highly depends on the critical importance of delivering a reliable uncontaminated sample to the analyzer. Omnia Analytics delivers custom designed complete systems to extract, transport and condition the samples, and to deliver non-distorted truly representative samples to the process analyzer.


  • Shelter, fully equipped with power distribution, lighting, air-conditioning, gas and fire detection, and junction boxes
  • Process sample probes and sample transport lines
  • Sample conditioning system
  • Sample recovery system


Omnia Analytics provides durable standard as well as custom designed analyzer shelters – or analyzer houses – in accordance with applicable standards and area classifications. Our space-efficient enclosures provide safe environments to withstand any harmful influences that might disturb analyzer data, like heat or cold, humidity, and dust. Depending on the application and equipment, shelters are purged or ventilated. Shelters can be optionally equipped with power distribution, lighting, air-conditioning, gas and fire detection, junction boxes. Furthermore, we deliver housings fully equipped with analytical and sampling systems.

  • Shelter material : Stainless steel SS316, SS304, polyester, polycarbonate, concrete


Analyzers require accurately and quickly collected samples to enable accurate analysis according the applicable specifications. The purpose and scope of the sampling should be specific.


  • resolve temperature and pressure conditions
  • avoid impurity
  • prevent chemical reactions by adsorption to materials surfaces


A sample recovery system collects a spent process sample from a process analyzer, and returns it back to the process or another suitable location. Sample recovery is crucial for environmental protection and very important from an economical point of view, since valuable products can be re-processed.

For analyzing purposes, samples are conditioned to resolve temperature and pressure conditions. In case of pressure reduction, spent samples cannot be returned into the initial process line. A recovery system, also called a sample collection system, will collect samples from process analyzers and cyclically returns the product back to the process.

Omnia Analytics delivers stand-alone units, suitable for wall or floor mounting or integrated in a complete custom designed analyzer shelter and sample conditioning system.


The control of moisture in gases and process liquids is critical for the operational safety and efficiency of process equipment. Moisture can be harmful for a variety of reasons. It can cause corrosion, and it can react with other gas or liquid components in a process.

We offer a variety of moisture analyzers and hydrocarbon dew point analyzers to measure moisture content in both high and low amounts in liquid streams, natural gas, process gas and industrial gasses. Moisture analyzer and monitoring systems cover a broad range of applications that all require their own specific detection method. We can advise you on selecting the right technology for your specific application. (moisture / humidity / dew point / liquids)


Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, released from the incomplete combustion of fossil-fuels, like gas, wood, and diesel oil. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, and virtually undetectable. CO detectors measure carbon monoxide over time and set an alarm before dangerous levels of carbon monoxide build up in an area.

The presence of carbon monoxide indicates malfunctioning of fuel-burning heating devices or combustion engines, or improper ventilation.

Omnia Analytics supplies portable CO detectors, and enclosed or rack-mounted continuous monitoring systems, which instantly detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in ppm, and provides you with an early warning. Detection systems can be complemented with data logging facilities.

Common technologies that we apply are:

  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Metal oxide semiconductor sensors


Oil in water analysis is vital for process control and the critical need to comply with legal and environmental regulations.

We provide a full range of oil in water analyzers. Custom designed for the type of material and compliant to the applicable regulatory method. The analyzers can measure extremely low to very high oil concentrations.

Depending on the project specifications, we can provide analyzers suitable for low-pressure applications, high-pressure and/or high-temperature applications, and designed to operate in hazardous or non-hazardous environments. Our product range includes hand held portable monitors, side stream analyzers and in-line probe analyzers.


Levels of dissolved oxygen concentrations (O2) in waste water before and after treatment are of great importance, because these determine how adequate a waste water treatment system is operating.

We provide engineered analyzer systems to measure the amount of gaseous oxygen (O2) dissolved in waste water and / or oil. Dissolved oxygen should be measured as quickly and carefully as possible, as delays between sample collection and testing may result in a variation in oxygen content. Omnia Analytics provides analyzer systems to collect and measure the samples immediately on site.


Omnia Analytics delivers density meters to identify and accurately measure density, specific gravity, and concentration of liquids and solids. Applications include custody transfer metering, liquefied gas metering, fuel management, and calorific value estimation.


Purge or pressurization systems are used to prevent entry of contaminants like moisture and dust from enclosures. A purged housing will ensure detector stability and analytical accuracy.


Omnia Analytics provides gas detectors to protect areas where dangerous flammable and toxic gases and vapors may occur. Gas detector systems are used to monitor the presence of hazardous gas concentrations, to send out alerts, and to activate countermeasures.

Gas detector systems that we supply:

  • fixed gas detector systems, permanently installed in process areas indoors or outdoors
  • portable gas detectors
  • transportable gas detector units, for temporary operations or areas where fixed (or wired) gas detection systems cannot be installed

Common technologies that we apply are:

    • Electrochemical sensors
    • Catalytic bead sensors
    • Infrared sensors
    • Flame ionization

Each technology has benefits and limitations. Our professionals can help you select the most appropriate detection method for your specific application.


Gas chromatographs are commonly used to determine the composition of complex mixtures, to determine the amount of a substance present in a sample, and for separation or purification of volatile liquid compounds.

Gas chromatography, also known as gas–liquid partition chromatography (GLPC) allows fast and highly accurate analysis within minutes or even seconds, is easy to operate, and relatively inexpensive. It can be used to monitor processes automatically and only small samples are needed.

Omnia Analytics offers gas chromatographs designed and tested in compliance with recognized standards. The gas chromatographs can be integrated in laboratory and testing facilities, including mobile shelters for use indoors or outdoors.